S04 – Caravan members

Here are the members of the caravan:


The caravan leader, a middle age tiefling that always tries to sound confident. He seems to be short sighted but you haven’t had too much contact with him after he fell ill.

Gnome family

Two little gnome kids and their mother. The kids love Feral and his strength.

Human family

A father and his 3 daughters. One of them is really fascinated with Feral.

The monk group

3 arrogant githzerai monks. They seem to have issues with Feral’s attitude towards them.

Two humans

Two One human guy that look like a merchant.

The old human wizard and his now-pc apprentice Zandor

The old wizard fired his last fireball during the fight against the cannibal halfling tribe. Since then he has been down all the time.


A dragonborn, a half orc and two human mercenaries hired to defend the caravan who are now dead.

Dwarf merchant

A tatooed dwarf merchant. He looks cool.

Old lady

An old affable but distant nomadic elf lady who appears to be good with herbs. Sometimes she stares at people, in particular some of you, in a creepy way.

Geram Silver Eye

Halfling slinger member of a cannibal tribe who followed the caravan attracted to Feral’s ferocity. He faints when he sees blood near him and likes flesh only very well cooked. He actually favors vegetables.


A shockingly beautiful drow woman member of the Cult of the Snake who is currently very interested in Zandor and seems to like him a lot.