D&D Campaign Season 4 (2010)

S04E09 – The Slavers’ Nest Of Melanides

Oct 23, 2010 (updated: Nov 10, 2020)
The grueling battle continued. Silver Heart got rid of his chains while the attention was focused somewhere else a few feet away. Once he got free he tried to help but as soon as he saw blood nearby his irrational fears made him faint. After the group killed the two snakes that had been taking bites out of them for some time now and after Bruce saw her life flash in front of her eyes they managed to put an end to the life of the cultist chief that was leading the sacrificial ceremony.

S04E08 – The Cult Of The Snake

Oct 17, 2010 (updated: Nov 10, 2020)
After the group finished with the bandits they continued their trip back to the oasis of Zurk. There as they were approaching the Lower Gates they met a group of volunteers led by a few cultists that was on its way towards the city of Kargavan. Feral spotted a known face among them, Thelula, the freak who some time ago helped him escape from the freak circus. Feral and the rest of the group convinced her not to go with the cultists and she was told to wait with the rest of the caravan while the group took care of some business.

S04E07 – Skin-Like-Peaches

Sep 25, 2010 (updated: Nov 10, 2020)
Right before the group left the village Zurk’s butler and a female halfling approached them. The halfling, called Homa, was also interested in infiltrating the Cult of the Snake’s headquarters and she had some valuable information about that and wanted to join the group. With that new member on board they left the oasis and headed towards Tales' tribe. In their way there they fought a trio of shadowhunter bats over a rope bridge.

S04E06 – The Oasis of Zurk

Sep 18, 2010 (updated: Nov 10, 2020)
A flashback transported the attention to Bane’s group a few days ago while they were in the middle of the desert. Injured and with most of the group wiped out by continuous attacks from the Followers of Niggurath the group was attacked one more time. Only Bane survived. Back to the prison the group was finally able to defeat the group of goblins and the swarm of bats who was desperately trying to free Belezzar, the monster that Bane was keeping in custody.

S04E05 – The Oasis of Amja

Sep 10, 2010 (updated: Nov 10, 2020)
After Feral’s partying Zandor scoured the rooms of the citadel were most of the fun was taking place in search of someone interesting. Besides some rumours from an old too-knowledgeable-to-be-good human about the cults getting stronger and wanting to awaken horrors from ancient times Zandor spotted a revenant in search of some mercenaries to help him defend his prisoner for the night. Zandor politely declined and started playing some tricks and gathering a small crowd.

S04E04 – The Lichen

Sep 1, 2010 (updated: Nov 10, 2020)
After finally refusing to give Shona the name of Tales' tribe Bruce managed to convince her to be the first approaching the water surface. Shona saw lichen but she was out of his reach and Tales and his spear went to the rescue. As soon as they touched the surface a monstruous crocodile with two heads flashed towards them. After the first round Shona betrayed the group by firing a lightning bolt towards the stairs destroying part of it and leaving her and Zandor on the upper side and the rest of the group and the crocodile on the lower side.

S04 – Caravan through the Red Sea – Khairon’s point of view till the temple of Unbroken Silence

Aug 31, 2010 (updated: Nov 10, 2020)
I had lots of water with me, most of my backpack was taken over by waterskins. I try not to think about what they’re made of. Nobody, however, told me anything about food. Oh, I packed several nice fresh loaves of bread, some dried meat, vegetables, three or four apples. Even a few small packs of salt, pepper and other spices. My provisions should last until I reached my target. That is, they should have lasted me anywhere other than a gods-forsaken desert.

S04E03 – The Temple of Unbroken Silence

Aug 27, 2010 (updated: Nov 10, 2020)
After discovering the brutally killed human merchant from the caravan near where it had its camp the group tried to find the culprit. After heated debate and after discovering a pair of tracks coming from where the caravan was standing they brought the old lady and Shona to the crime scene not before slightly altering it to see both of the women’s reaction. The old lady pointed out that it looked like a Cult of the Snake ritual but Shona didn’t reply and the mistery continued unveiled.

S04 – Caravan members

Aug 25, 2010 (updated: Nov 10, 2020)
Here are the members of the caravan: Hadi The caravan leader, a middle age tiefling that always tries to sound confident. He seems to be short sighted but you haven’t had too much contact with him after he fell ill. Gnome family Two little gnome kids and their mother. The kids love Feral and his strength. Human family A father and his 3 daughters. One of them is really fascinated with Feral.

S04E02 - Followed

Aug 11, 2010 (updated: Nov 10, 2020)
A day after the halfling clan attacked the caravan, as the sun rose, a tiefling cleric coming from Al-aman approached and subsequently joined the caravan. The group didn’t have a problem letting him in and the rest of the day passed without any incident as they travelled towards their new destination, the northern cursed temple. During that night someone seemed to be spying on the caravan but they flew before the group could see them.