D&D Campaign Season 4 (2010)

S04E01 - Caravan Through the Red Sea

Aug 8, 2010 (updated: Nov 10, 2020)
Bruce, Feral, Tales and Zandor started their adventures as mercenaries in charge of protecting a caravan that would get them from Al-aman to Tenari across the Red Sea, a desert known for its enormous sandstorms. After meeting each other and exchanging a few words with members of the caravan they started their journey. On the first night Hadi, the caravan leader organized a small dinner party to socialize and to try to get everybody a little bit closer together.

S04E – Characters

Aug 1, 2010 (updated: Nov 10, 2020)
Bane Currently a male revenant, deva in his previous life. He belongs to a revenant clan whose purpose is to kill invading monsters from other planes like the Abyss and the Elemental Chaos. He was last seen in the Oasis of Zurk after failing to keep the demon Belezzar imprisoned. He was however very thankful to the group for their help. He is very tall, he doesn’t seem to take anything personal and his slow pace talking unnerves Tales.