Singapore street signs

A few months ago I visited Singapore for a couple of days and one of the things that grabbed my attention were the street signs. Here are some examples:

'Growing up with Yeo's', saw on the subway.
I assume this means it's designed for people with kids.
Why, why?
Ah, now I see. If you haven't been in Asia or Middle East that's their traditional way of disposing of body garbage.
If I didn't know better I would think this is a toy store.
'Water use it wisely, Keep our waters clean', 'Work as a team, Keep the site clean, Aim for the green', 'Spot any safety or environmental infringements at this workplace?'.
'Be smart! Follow safety from the start', 'Accident bring tears, Safety bring cheers'.
'Saved by grace, not by works' in a christian church.
The red hearts say 'Happy hearts love green'. I can only assume that the function of this grass field full of cows and hearts is to make people conscious about the environment.
'In the land of the blind, the man with one eye is king', written in the walls of a small old structure in a park.
'Melt me', 'Mold me'. This and the next one were on the walls of another christian church.
'Fill me', 'Use me'.
'Feels great to know when the bus is arriving'.
This and the next one were on subway entrances. I think they are great.
I saw this one on my last day and, by that point, even the little stick figure driver seemed happy to be working in the night shift. .

Street signs in the US make me feel like I am in a police state and under imminent danger. Street signs in Singapore, although a bit childish, put a smile on my face and made me feel like the city cared about my emotional wellbeing and reminded me of nature.

I will write a bit more about my impressions from Singapore in an upcoming post.