I leave the tray on the table and I sit. The next minutes will be devoted exclusively to find you. There are some trees near my table which is far from the gentle but constant murmur of the rest of the people who are eating outside of the restaurant. Today it’s sunny and the sky is completely blue but that doesn’t prevent you from appearing. After enjoying the sunlight for a few moments and preparing myself to eat I hear you coming. The leaves from the nearby trees are starting to dance. I slowly leave the cutlery on the table. Your sweet whisper is able to get me to a place where you’re the only one. I don’t hear anything else. I don’t see anything else. I don’t feel anything else. You’re filling my mind. The relaxing sound that you make when you move between the trees has all my attention. At this moment there is no past or future. There is only present. Fears, worries and desires have all dissappeared Your sweet movement is able to completely stop all my foul thoughts. The vase that holds my happiness is completely full. Something so simple, so humble and so sweet as you is all I need.

I slowly open my eyes as I arrive to the end of this short trip while you leave as swiftly and peacefully as you came. I silently thank you for your visit and I wish you a happy trip wherever you go now.